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I hold a doctorate in Near Eastern Language and Civilizations with a specialization in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Harvard University. Prior to my doctorate, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and a Certificate in Middle East Studies, and a Master’s degree in Teaching General Arts and Letters with specialization in Arabic and Applied Linguistics from Portland State University in Oregon.

Every aspect of my work is impacted by and pertains to current events. My work in the formative and classical periods of Islamic intellectual history, together with my interdisciplinary work in the contemporary period give me a unique perspective and understanding that bridges the gap between past and present. As a consultant and presenter, I have made complex and challenging information clear to a wide variety of audiences in the United States and around the world, from local community gatherings to the upper echelons of the U.S. military.


Harvard University - Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations: Arabic & Islamic Studies

Jun 30, 2004


Portland State University - General Arts & Letters: Arabic & Applied Linguistics

Aug 31, 1992


Portland State University - International Studies: Middle East

Aug 31, 1990


My research interests extend from the early classical period to the present and include translation of classical Arabic texts, Quranic interpretation, women’s issues, and modern day reformist and neo-traditionalist movements.


My works address different topics and audiences, yet each is connected directly to my primary scholarship in classical texts, and each helps to bridge the past and the present in Islamic studies, while also making key sources more readily accessible to a variety of audiences and dealing with issues of critical importance in the contemporary world.

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Subjects: Islamic History, Islamic Theology, Islamic Law, Quranic Studies, Hadith Studies, Classical Arabic

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This video looks at jihad, as presented in the Quran, and compares it to the popular English definitions of jihad.

This video looks at what early Hadith literature tells us about sex and the act of Lot's people.

This is a follow-up to the video Sex and Sexuality in Hadith Literature. In it, classical criteria of Hadith criticism are applied to one of the Hadith reports mentioned in the video on sex and sexuality to answer the question, "is it sahih?".

Quranic Studies

Translations, Commentaries, and more

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Hadith Studies

Hadith collections and more

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Arabic Language

Grammar and more

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Online Libraries of Arabic Texts

Access Arabic texts online.

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Is There Room at the Inn?

Documentary on Muslims, Jews and the Holy Land

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General Islamic Studies

Important works in the field.

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